ELEPHANT MILK Elephant Milk (screenplay) “Diane Sherry Case always surprises us in this lyrical, edgy, somewhat surreal tale. The author shows us that love is a circus full of beasts and flying knives but it can help you find yourself in the strangest of places, in the strangest of ways.” - Francesca Lia Block, Weetzie Bat “Diane Sherry Case is an extraordinary actress and writer and there is no question in my mind she’ll make a fine director. She’s one of those people who does what she sets out to do – and she’s an artist to boot. I look forward to seeing whatever Diane puts on film.”
- Bruce Wagner, Maps to the Stars

HOUSE POOR "Sexy empty-nester is broke with a million dollar home, so she decides to rent rooms. All sorts of lovers and lodgers have her coming and going!” Stars Susan Traylor, Augie Duke, Michael Gossard, Bob Thiele and Diane Sherry Case. COMING SOON

SPA-TEL Made with a grant from the American Film Institute’s Directors Workshop For Women, Spa-tel was an official selection in 27 film festivals, worldwide. Starring O-Lan Jones.
VALENTINE'S DAY “Clayton sits on the edge of his bed, wishing it was an hour ago. He's not afraid to admit that he's scared. He was scared then. He’s scared now. He’ll probably always be scared. It's a feeling that makes him want to run, from where ever he is. And when you realize you can't escape, you just sit there feeling, as Clayton would say, like a piece of Jello, and not pretty-colored Jello either. A shitty piece of day-old, melted Jello. Left out on a counter because the fridge doesn't work. That's how Clayton feels most of the time, but he wasn't feeling like that earlier, as he looked at his brand new wife, sprawled on the chair in front of him, naked, except those red high heels that drive him crazy. Draped over her bare body, like a fancy fur coat, was Babe, Clayton’s big black dog…”
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