ELEPHANT MILK “Diane Sherry Case has produced a pitch-perfect depiction of the desperation and hopefulness of being young, attractive and distraught, not just in the glory days of rock and roll, but forever.” - Jim Krusoe, Erased

EARTH TO SKYE After her best friend, Skye dies, sixteen-year-old Olivia braves a harrowing trek through the Himalaya with her well-meaning but wacky mother and a very clever Tibetan monk. When they rescue a disabled infant from a horrific fate, Liv learns to open her heart again and comes to realize that the love she thought she had lost, actually lives within her soul.

WRITE FOR RECOVERY “Write for Recovery has changed my life. I would almost venture to say Diane and her Write for Recovery classes has SAVED my life. Diane Through her classes rekindled a passion that I had suppressed and inspires creativity that I never knew I had. I would recommend this course to anyone, even he who does not realize he can write yet!” - Brad Simpson "Try this writing exercise: Imagine you can give a gift from nature to anyone you choose. It can be a sunset, a flower, a bolt of lightening, the sky isn’t even the limit! Write about why you chose this gift for this particular person, and what it feels like to give them such an amazing present.”
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